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 Meditation in Companies

Mental health and well-being at work are no longer a taboo!

Discover how our meditation method can help you improve mental health, concentration,

productivity and also cohesion within a team.


Investing in the quality of life at work and the well-being of employees has become a prerequisite for employers because it:

  • reduces the cost of absenteeism;

  • reduces the risk of burnout;

  • improves team cohesion;

  • improves communication within the company;

  • improves employee engagement and productivity.

The meditation courses and workshops led by our teams allow you to get a head start in your sector of activity. 

Salle de réunion Business


On a personal level, the practice of meditation in the workplace is an opportunity for your employees to learn methods that allow them to:

  • to reduce their level of stress and anxiety;

  • improve concentration and focus;

  •  to develop their emotional intelligence and learn to regulate their emotions;

  • to manage to reduce  perceived workload;

  • increase resilience capacity-

​ We bring meditation to work

More and more companies are focusing on the well-being of their employees to support them in their multiple tasks and find

solutions to their day-to-day problems.

In order to improve and strengthen their mental health, we offer meditation classes accessible to everyone.

Our different modules make it possible to meet a specific objective

or a need.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Classe de méditation

Offer your teams online or on-the-job courses

For groups:

Between 10 to 20 participants

Course duration:

30 mins, 45 mins

Individual lesson:

Course duration:

45 mins, 1 hour

Price on quote request.

Program of sessions:

  • Introduction

  • Meditation

  • Exchanges/ Questions-Answers

The additional service:

We provide our course reservation tool.


Stress release

In our mind, dozens of files are permanently open. Each contains different priorities, different timelines, challenges and expectations. All this can create a feeling of incapacity, a lack of self-confidence or a feeling of inferiority.

With a simple meditation technique, we can distance, release and eliminate all of this.

Productivity & focus

To be productive, a clear mind is necessary.

To have a clear mind, we need to free ourselves from all the obstacles creating emotional blockages such as fear, stress, pressure, anxiety or conflicts.

By reflecting on our obstacles, we can release them and eliminate them to be more productive.


Team cohesion

It is difficult to create cohesion in a team, between people from different cultures, opinions or even different experiences.

Our meditation helps to unlock the obstacles to this cohesion. Thus, it becomes easier to work in harmony with the different personalities.

Fears & anxieties

By reflecting on the memorized fears of our life, we come to release them easily to free ourselves from the emotional impact of our past in order to live in harmony in our present.

"Fear of losing my job, my position, Fear of running out of money, Fear of not being recognized, Fear of not being loved, Fear of the way others look, Fear of being judged".


Our mission

is to create a healthy environment in the workplace where
personal and professional success go hand in hand with mental health.


Our values

Listening & Needs Assessment
Transparency & Confidentiality
Collaboration & Trust
Action with total respect for the individual

They trusted us

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