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Meditation Guides Team



Meditation teacher

After having held more than 25 years in management positions in companies, I chose to devote my career to teaching meditation.


My professional background has allowed me to understand client requirements, navigate demanding management roles, and know the professional environment intimately.

Convinced of the benefits of meditation in both professional and private settings, I followed extensive training to become a qualified teacher. Through this process, I am now an experienced resource capable of helping companies integrate meditation into their culture, providing valuable support for the well-being and productivity of their employees.

My commitment to personal and professional development has led me to merge my leadership skills with the wisdom of meditation, creating a unique approach to supporting individuals in their private lives and in their growth within the professional world.


I am passionate about bringing these skills to individuals and businesses and helping to create a balanced and prosperous environment.



Meditation teacher

Passionate about journalism and photo editing and photography, I received extensive training in these fields, but the stress associated with these professions began to take a toll on my health, causing stress and constant insomnia. In search of solutions, I discovered meditation, a practice that has transformed my personal life.

Convinced of the benefits of meditation for managing stress in life, I undertook extensive training to become a qualified teacher. For more than four years, I have shared this expertise by giving meditation classes and supporting individuals in their personal development.

My own journey has allowed me to understand life's challenges and I am now equipped to help people integrate meditation into their daily lives.

I love accompany others to a similar serenity that I have found through this transformative practice.

My commitment is to contribute to the personal and professional development of those I guide on the path of meditation.

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