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The method

The Meditation Method

There are many meditation techniques in the world, the meditation technique we teach at Meditation Lausanne Renens comes from South Korea. This method of "clearing the mind" is relatively recent and is a worldwide success. It is easy, accessible to everyone and very effective.

Since its appearance from many meditation centres have opened on all continents.​ The goal of this meditation is to rediscover our true nature. This true nature that exists within us is covered by multitude of images and thoughts that freeze us in our conceptions and our distorted representations of reality.  We all live in our thoughts, which are “images” that we have accumulated throughout our lives. We are “prisoners” of these images, limiting beliefs that generate stress, anxiety and suffering.

The technique of meditation consists on further to an introspection, in eliminating the images accumulated throughout the lived life. Eliminate means letting go, breaking free, undoing and taking a step back on these images which are ultimately only subjective representations. This allows stress, anxiety and negativity to gradually disappear, giving way to joy, lightness and well-being. 


Once we have freed ourselves from stress, anxiety and all the layers that encumber us, we can find our “true nature”,  who we really are.

We are then “the best version of ourselves”:

  • Our concentration and abilities develop.

  • We are more bolder.

  • Our creativity, our talents, and our love are revealed.

  • The management of our emotions is natural and mastered

  • Life is smoother and simpler


The benefits of meditation are validated by numerous scientific studies and contribute to this democratization.

Moreover, if you are here, it is because you have surely already practiced meditation at least once.

Maybe even without knowing it!

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